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Have you ever stopped to ask- WHO AM I?

Uncovering the truth that each of us carries allows for a spontaneous release and opening to all of our greatest treasures!

In order to see our truth we must see ourselves. In order to see our selves (because of the way our society is designed in such a chaotic busy way) most of us must stop, pause, and reflect upon who we are. Don't be afraid to look at where it hurts. Love it. Accept it.  Giving to our selves the love and understanding we all need allows us to harness and grow towards our true power.


The story will change

Taking pause to adventure inward allows for us to start to redesign life as we want it to be rather than how it has been imposed upon us.


Changing your story by changing your perspective


Meet Rachel Ann:

Rachel's passion is adventure. "Theres a real magic in gathering and studying knowledge from various peoples cultures and sacred ways." After great adventures she takes time to adventure inward, integrating with the nourishment, and wisdom found in the new experiences. 

Trusting in her intuitive nature she helps to compassionately reveal true self knowing for her clients. "Standing tall in our truth allows us to grow strong and healthy.  By being pure and true in self the untruths built by previous events, causing physical and or mental illness, will fall further to the wayside." Rachel's facilitating technique always includes connecting in an intuitive and heart-based manner, creating a space of oneness. In this space of oneness we can truly drop into our purest selves to see who we are. This is the space where we can explore which adventure best works for you.

The first step is to stop!

 question yourself...

who am i?

am i living?

what is living?

Rachel encourages you to take charge of your own self by gifting to your-Self the time and space to truly be with your-Self, your body, your-mind, your-spirit, uncovering your own personal truth to redesign your life by using very simple techniques in getting you there.  




Traveling inward can help you to reveal your strengths and hidden gifts.  

Find your truth, allow yourself to discover what it takes to fulfill your deepest desires. 

Unite your mind, body, and spirit. 

Be what you want the world to be.

Rachel Ann

Allow your body to move.

Allow your mind to be set at ease.

Allow your heart to open. 

Bring back what has been hidden.

Find a sense of calmness.

Be content with silence.

Feel strength in your physical movement.

Hear your inner wisdom.

Be happy with your own level of movement.

Reel back from the swirling chaos of our world. 


Allow yourself thrive.

Be one with all that is.

Improve your breathing.

Improve your mobility.

Feel and walk in your own power 


Ask About Retreats and Workshops.

Rachel is always happy to travel.

Private Sessions in person, via video,  or over the phone. Please contact Rachel for your free 15 minute initial consult.

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